Waiting List

At Heron Lake Carp Fishery we run a waiting list for membership; carp fishing day tickets are not available.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please complete the application form

Heron Lake Rules

  1. Fish are to be handled with great care and respect. Large well padded unhooking mats, landing nets with 42-inch arms and a fish antiseptic must be used.
  2. The Sacking of fish is Not permitted.
  3. All fish must be returned to the water A.S.A.P!!! Retaining slings can be used, but only for the absolute MINIMUM time. i.e. To prepare camera equipment.
  4. Members must register in the logbook found in the caravan on arrival.
    All captures must be accurately reported in the logbook in the member’s caravan, at the end of your session. All carp caught must be photographed on each side and the pictures and details of weights must be sent to Andy within 4 weeks of the capture. Failure to do this will result in a 4 week ban! Digital images are preferred. Some photos may be used on the website.
  5. Rod licences and membership cards must be carried whilst on the fishery and must be shown to the bailiffs if requested. Three rods may be used unless otherwise notified (a notice will be posted in the members caravan).
  6. Tiger nuts and peanuts are not to be used. Other particle baits may be used if prepared correctly, corn, maize, and hemp etc. Bailiffs have the right to check these baits, if not prepared correctly they will be removed from the fishery.
  7. No guests allowed. No Dogs or other pets on the fishery. Do not leave litter (take it home). Do not create new swims, No open fires, No bright lights, No shotguns, or air weapons.
  8. Rods are not to be left unattended. If lines are reeled in, swims may be left for one hour only.
  9. The boats are for emergency use only. Life jackets must be worn (supplied in the containers next to the boats). Any member breaking this rule will lose all rights to membership.
  10. The Bailiffs Car Park is for fishery officers and bailiffs only. Members must leave their cars in the car park next to the Members Caravan.
  11. No membership refunds are payable.
  12. The highest standards of behaviour are expected from all members at all times.
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